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Gringotts Charms Breakers / Curse Breakers

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The Harry Potter Canon

“Rita Skeeter never makes anyone look good.  Remember, she interviewed all the Gringotts’ Charm Breakers once, and called me ‘a long-haired pillock’?”  --  Bill Weasley (GF10)

A team of adventurous bankers from Gringotts who go out into the world breaking the protective Charms and Curses on old forgotten Wizarding treasure troves.

Sometimes referred to as Curse-Breakers (PA1, OP29).

  • Bill Weasley was a Gringotts Charms Breaker, assigned to Egypt, but later took a desk job in London to be involved with the Order of the Phoenix. Rita Skeeter once interviewed the team and referred to Bill as a "long-haired pillock" (GF10).
  • During a Careers Advice session, Hermione read a leaflet which stated that Gringotts was looking for more Curse-Breakers, and it only required a background in Muggle Studies (OP29).
  • Curse-Breakers use the Gouging Spell to dig up cursed magical artifacts (BoS).


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