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Undesirable Number One

The term “Undesirable Number One” is used for the most wanted criminal in wizarding society. Umbridge had a poster with Harry’s picture on it in her office at the Ministry labeled “Undesirable Number One” (DH13)

Umbridge had affixed a note with a picture of a kitten to the poster saying, "To be punished" (DH13)

The Daily Prophet said there was a ten-thousand-Galleon reward for turning Harry in to the Ministry (DH12, DH21),

Xenophilius Lovegood put Harry's picture on the Quibbler along with "Undesirable Number One" and the amount of the reward after Death Eaters kidnapped his daughter Luna Lovegood (DH21).



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film version of the poster showing Harry as "Undesirable No 1"

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