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The Harry Potter Canon

This huge African magical beast resembles a rhinoceros. Its horn, which can pierce almost anything, contains a fluid that explodes, destroying what it has hit.

  • Because male Erumpents frequently blow each other up during mating season, the species is somewhat endangered (FB).
  • The female's horn glows orange during mating season (WFT).
  • When Harry, Ron, and Hermione visit Xenophilius Lovegood he has an Erumpant horn on his wall, he believes the horn is one of a Crumpled-Horn Snornack. The horn blows up his house as the golden trio apparate out (DH20, DH23).
  • Newt Scamander had a female Erumpent which escaped from his case and tried to mate with a hippo at the Central Park Zoo in New York City. Newt tried to use a mating dance and Erumpent musk to lure the beast, but instead it chased No-Maj Jacob Kowalski up a tree, which then exploded and fell due to the Erumpent fluid. Luckily just as the animal nearly reached mating-distance with Jacob, it slid on the ice and Newt was able to recapture it with his case (WFT).
  • Jacob Kowalski had cookies in his bakery shaped like Erumpents (WFT).


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