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The Griffin is a strange creature with the front body of an eagle and hindquarters of a lion. Griffins eat raw meat (FB).

Godric Gryffindor, the founder of Gryffindor house, may have gotten his name from this beast.

  • Griffins are used to guard treasure (FB).
  • There is a statue of a griffin in a corridor in Hogwarts near the girls' bathroom where Harry, Ron, and Hermione faced a Mountain Troll (PS10).
  • The door to the Headmaster's office has a knocker in the shape of a griffin (CS11).
  • The Strengthening Solution potion includes powdered griffin claw (OP17).



The griffin is a legendary creature which appears in the mythology of many cultures, including Greek and Persian. (Wikipedia)

The griffin-shaped knocker on the door of Dumbledore's office may be a pun on Gryffindor's name (literally a "griffin-door").

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