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The Tebo is a gray warthog-like creature native to central Africa, capable of becoming invisible at will.

  • The creature's hide is valuable for protective shielding. (FB)



In Japanese, the word tebo refers to a small monkey. While this is a reference to an animal, it doesn't seem to have any connection to an African warthog.


The tebo's similarity to members of the pig family (and warthogs in particular) may affect how it is viewed in the magical world. "Hog" as a naming convention and a motif is conspicuously present at Hogwarts (a name suggestive of warthogs) and in Hogsmeade. At the same time, pigs are regarded as particularly unmagical (pure blood families often makes efforts to distance themselves from pigs for this reason) because they are so hard to charm (Pm).

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