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"If I hadn’t managed to rescue them, that could have been the end of Graphorns – for ever."
-- Newt Scamander (WFT)


A large, grayish-purple humpbacked creature which lives in the mountains of Europe. Graphorns have two extremely sharp gold horns. They are extremely dangerous animals.  Graphorn hide is even tougher than dragons’ and also repels spells (FB). It walks on large four-thumbed feet.


  • Newt Scamander saved the species by finding the last breeding pair and their offspring in 1926 and hiding them in his suitcase (WFT).
  • The creatures have tentacles covering their mouths with which they used to "embrace" humans (WFT)
  • Trolls often try to ride on Graphorns, but the creatures do not tolerate it well (FB).
  • In the Study of Ancient Runes, the Graphorn's two sharp horns are used to represent the number two (JKR).


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