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The Dukuwaqa is a shape-shifter that can change between a shark and a man.

  • The Dukuwaqa is native to Fiji and was the Fijian team's mascot in the 2014 Quidditch World Cup. A 'bloodbath' was caused in the Opening Ceremony when the Dukuwaqa and the Norwegian Selma were placed in the same lake and proceeded to attack each other.  Several of the other teams' mascots (the Brazilians' Curupiras, the Nigerians' Sasabonsams and the Haitians' Inferi) added to the havoc and resulted in the crowd stampeding to escape, with over three hundred casualties. The incident was reported in a Daily Prophet article written by Ginny Potter, and revived the long running controversial debate on whether there should be restrictions on the mascots of national Quidditch teams. (Pm)



Dakuwaqa is a god in Fijian mythology who often takes the shape of a shark. He is the god of seafaring and was greatly respected by fishermen, whom he protected from the dangers of the sea.

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