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Valentina Vázquez

"....we were surprised when the Norwegian delegation announced that they would also require lake-space for a gigantic lake serpent, the Selma. We had assumed that the Norwegians would be accompanied by their usual troop of performing trolls."
-- Valentina Vázquez, speaking to the press following the Opening Ceremony disaster (Pm)

Valentina Vázquez

Valentina Vázquez was President of the Argentinian Council of Magic in 2014.

As Argentina was the host country for the 2014 Quidditch World Cup, President Vázquez spoke on behalf of the organisers of the Opening Ceremony on 12 April 2014, following the unfortunate bloodbath caused by the team mascot display (Pm).

Rita Skeeter reported in the Daily Prophet live coverage that Vázquez was in the VIP box with the head of the ICWQC, Mentor Metaxas, at the final match on 11 July (Pm).


Negotiation, leadership, decision-making, making statements to the press



Valentina is the feminine form of the Latin name Valentinus, which comes from valens, meaning "strong, vigorous, healthy" (Behind the Name).

Vázquez is a surname of Spanish origin. It may mean "son of Vasco", from the Latin name Velascus "Basque or Iberian" (Wikipedia) or else comes from Basque vela or bela "a crow" and sko "little" (Internet Surname Database).


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