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Rolf Scamander

"Last of the ringleaders of Dumbledore's Army is, of course, Luna Lovegood (now married to Rolf Scamander, swarthy grandson of celebrated Magizoologist Newt)."
-- Rita Skeeter (Pm:Quidditch)

Rolf Scamander was the grandson of Newt and Tina Scamander.

Facts and appearances

He married Luna Lovegood (BLC, YL) and Rita Skeeter notes that he was surprised by the flamboyant dress she wore for their wedding (Pm:Quidditch).

He and Luna have twin sons, Lorcan and Lysander (YL, Pm:Quidditch).

Rolf was a well-known naturalist – just like his grandfather – and “Chief Consulting Magizoologist” to the Daily Prophet (Pm:Quidditch) .

He is quoted in the Daily Prophet after the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup, giving his opinion about the inadvisable and ultimately disastrous combination of Quidditch Team Mascots.

“You would need the brains of a Billywig not to foresee an immediate bloodbath if both were crammed tightly together in tepid, brackish water.”
— Rolf Scamander (Pm:Quidditch)


Grandfather: Newt Scamander, the famous magizoologist.

Grandmother: Tina Scamander

Great Aunt: Queenie Goldstein

Spouse: Luna Lovegood, former member of Dumbledore's Army and naturalist.

Children: Twin sons Lorcan and Lysander.

Table of Contents
Rolf Scamander
Gender Male
Dates fl. 2010s
Species / Race Wizard
Distinguishing Features Swarthy
Profession Magizoologist
Family Groups Scamander family



Rolf derives from the Germanic name Hrolf or Old Norse Hrólfr, which come from Hrodulf (Behind the Name).

The origin of the surname Scamander is unclear. It may refer to a Greek river god or a mythical king of Greece, or to river names in Tasmania and Asia Minor (Wikipedia).


As he is likely to have been brought up in Britain, Rolf may have attended Hogwarts School. He is not mentioned during the time that Luna (and Harry) attend the school - and his age is unknown.

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