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Quidditch World Cup 2014

-- headline, Evening Prophet, 11 July 2014 (QWC)

Quidditch World Cup 2014

The Quidditch World Cup 2014 final game of the tournament took place between the national teams of Brazil and Bulgaria on 11 July 2014. This extremely exciting and emotional match ended when veteran Bulgarian Seeker Viktor Krum caught the Snitch, ensuring that Bulgaria won by 160 points to 70 (QWC).

Media notes

Full minute-by-minute coverage was provided on behalf of the Daily Prophet by Ginny Weasley, with the addition of extra “colour” commentary from gossip journalist Rita Skeeter (QWC). Highlights of Rita’s remarks include:

All are wearing the red of Bulgaria except middle child Albus, who is sporting Brazilian green. This will undoubtedly send the gossips into overdrive – what message is young Albus sending us all by choosing to support a team other than his father’s? A team, lest we forget, that is competing against his father’s ex-rival, now friend, Viktor Krum. Are we witnessing a very public, very ugly display of father-son rivalry?

It is always enchanting to observe young people enjoying the culture of other wizarding nations. Unfortunately, Master Teddy Lupin and Ms Victoire Weasley appear to be far more interested in what they are saying to each other….

Hermione Granger is not wearing anything to indicate which team she is supporting. Does she secretly hope to see Krum take the trophy at last? Or is this the kind of diplomatic neutrality one might expect of a ruthless careerist whose long-term ambition is undoubtedly to be Minister for Magic?

Head of the Department of Magical Transportation Percy Weasley is frowning as he follows the match. Greying and balding, he has aged considerably since the Battle of Hogwarts (where, of course, he became the unfortunate embodiment of the phrase ’better late than never’).

Nobody who witnessed it will ever forget the shock on Scamander’s face when he saw Lovegood’s wedding dress – rainbows, spangles and a tiara of silver unicorn horns, voted “Most Hideous Outfit of the Year” by readers of my regular Daily Prophet column.

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Quidditch World Cup 2014 Final (Brazil v Bulgaria)
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