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Quidditch World Cup merchandise

"There were luminous rosettes – green for Ireland, red for Bulgaria – which were squealing the names of the players, pointed green hats bedecked with dancing shamrocks, Bulgarian scarves adorned with lions that really roared, flags from both countries which played their national anthems as they were waved; there were tiny models of Firebolts, which really flew, and collectible figures of famous players, which strolled across the palm of your hand, preening themselves." (GF7)

Quidditch World Cup merchandise

Quidditch World Cup merchandise is sold by the various souvenir saleswizards who pop up just before the start of a Quidditch World Cup match.

When the 1994 Quidditch World Cup was held on Dartmoor in England, some of things on offer for Quidditch fans to buy are Ireland or Bulgaria team rosettes, miniature figures of players such as Viktor Krum, and team-supporting scarves, hats and flags. They are also able to purchase matchday programmes. The Omnioculars bought by Harry for himself, Ron and Hermione are able to:

“….replay action … slow everything down … and they flash up a play-by-play breakdown if you need it….” (GF7)

Notes and interesting facts

Although the items for sale aren't cheap, they do run out of magical power over time. Seamus Finnegan's Ireland rosette is only weakly saying the names of the Irish team players by the time they meet on the Hogwarts Express the following month, although he still pins it to his bed in their dormitory (GF11, GF12).

They are also subject to breakage (GF24).

Quidditch memorabilia bought by a Chudley Cannons fan (robes, posters, badges, souvenir medal) was advertised in the Daily Prophet because the fan needed a "clean break" from fandom (DP2).

Quidditch fans carrying noisy souvenir Dissimulators disrupted the 1974 Quidditch World Cup to carry out their revenge following a controversial wand ban (QWC).



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