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Collectible Quidditch Player Figures

Collectible Quidditch Player Figures

Collectible Quidditch Player Figures are lifelike miniature figurines that are able to move around and act like the original person on which they are based. The Quidditch versions are sold as souvenirs during important matches.

Ron Weasley used his pocket money to buy a figurine of Bulgaria’s Viktor Krum before the 1994 Quidditch World Cup (GF7).



Many of the Quidditch World Cup souvenirs seemed to lose their potency after the match - such as the squealing rosettes luckily losing their voices - so it is not known how long the miniature figures would last. Ron destroyed his figurine of Viktor Krum after the Yule Ball, so we don't know whether it still had any movement left by that time (GF24).

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