"Give it back, Credence. It’s just a toy!"
-- Modesty Barebone (WFT)

A contraband toy wand found under the bed of Modesty Barebone by her adult brother Credence in Second Salem Church caused their infuriated mother Mary Lou to threaten the child with a beating (WFT).

  • Credence was searching Modesty's room because evil wizard Gellert Grindelwald disguised as Auror Percival Graves insisted that in a vision he had seen an Obscurial - a child full of powerful magic - close to their mother Mary Lou Barebone. When Credence found the wand under his sister's bed, he assumed Modesty might be magical after all even though she said it was only a toy (WFT).
  • When Mary-Lou broke the wand and threatened to beat Modesty with a belt as she had often done to Credence for possibly being magical, he snapped and unleashed the Dark energy within himself since he was actually the Obscurial, not Modesty. Both their mother Mary Lou and his sister Chastity were killed and the Second Salem Church was destroyed. Modesty escaped and Credence helped Graves/Grindelwald find her later (WFT).


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