"You can have a bit of Nosebleed Nougat cheap if you like."
"Why's it cheap?"
"Because you'll keep bleeding till you shrivel up, we haven't got an antidote yet."
-- Fred, Ron, and George Weasley (OP12)

“We don’t know who he is ...but he’s gone home with a dreadful nosebleed!"
-- Hermione Granger speaking of the wizard who turned out to be Albert Runcorn (OP12)


One of the range of sweets found in a Skiving Snackbox. Each end of the sweet is colour-coded, so that one end causes the eater to develop a high fever and the other cancels the effect.


  • During a Quidditch match, Katie Bell got a nosebleed from a bludger. Fred gave her what he thought was the antidote end of a Nosebleed Nougat, but it turned out to be a blood blisterpod instead and she had to be taken to the Hospital Wing (OP14)
  • Hermione gave one to an unknown wizard near the Ministry of Magic so she could take some of his hair to put in Polyjuice Potion for Harry (DH12). As Harry walked around the Ministry, he realized his appearance was that of Albert Runcorn, an unlikable anti-Muggleborn informant (DH13).


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