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Extendable Ear

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The Harry Potter Canon

"If only we could hear what they're saying!" said Hermione.

"We can!" said Ron excitedly.  "Hang on--damn--"

He dropped a couple more of the boxes he was still clutching as he fumbled with the largest.

"Extendable Ears, look!"

"Fantastic!" said Hermione, as Ron unraveled the long, flesh-colored strings and began to feed them toward the bottom of the door.  "Oh, I hope the door isn't Imperturbable--"

"No!" said Ron gleefully.  "Listen!"

They put their heads together and listened intently to the ends of the strings, through which Malfoy's voice could be heard loud and clear, as though a radio had been turned on.


Eavesdropping device; one of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes (see). An Extendable Ear looks like a piece of flesh-coloured string. One end is inserted into a person's ear, then, on the command "Go," the other end wriggles off to where a conversation is taking place. The Extendable Ear makes the distant conversation easily discernable (OP4)



Considering this Weasley product and the way it works, there is a dark irony to Fred getting his ear blasted off in the Battle of the Seven Potters (DH5). -BB

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