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"We'll bet thirty-seven Galleons, fifteen Sickles, three Knuts," said Fred as he and George quickly pooled all their money, "that Ireland winds--but Viktor Krum gets the Snitch.  Oh and we'll throw in a fake wand."

"You don't want to go showing Mr. Bagman rubbish like that--" Percy hissed, but Bagman didn't seem to think the wand was rubbish at all; on the contrary, his boyish face shone with excitement as he took it from Fred, and when the wand gave a loud squawk and turned into a rubber chicken, Bagman roared with laughter.

"Excellent! I haven't seen on that convincing in years! I'd pay five Galleons for that!"


price: worth 5 Galleons, according to Ludo Bagman
Although these items look just like normal wands, when used they do something funny, such as change into something silly such as (for the cheapest variety) rubber chickens or pairs of pants (US: a tin parrot or a rubber haddock) or beat the unwary user about the head and neck (for the most expensive variety) .


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