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Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes Certified Nose-Stealing Breath

"Bing. Bang. Boing. Young lady, get ready to not being able to smell at all..."
-- Ron Weasley to his niece Lily (CC1.2)



Ron's trick is the Wizarding equivalent of the Muggle "Got Your Nose" game played by countless parents in which a child's nose is pulled gently with folded knuckles, then the adult holds up their hand folded in such a way as if the tip of their thumb between their fingers is an actual nose they have "stolen." Lame, indeed, but most kids seem to enjoy it just as much as Lily Potter. - SIP

It's a little shocking that Uncle Ron can make jokes about one of Harry's children losing a nose after they all tussled with the nose-challenged Lord Voldemort for most of their own childhood. - SIP

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