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Weasley third gen names and more!


Weasley family tree, drawn by J.K. RowlingThe third trailer for tomorrow’s ITV1 documentary [TLC YouTube Channel] shows Jo diagramming the family trees for the marriages and children of Harry and his friends. The tree is now on the Lexicon (thanks Mugglenet!) Here is a list of the new canon from the trailer:

  • The Battle of Hogwarts took place May 2nd.
  • Bill and Fleur’s children were named Victoire, Dominique and Louis.
  • Charlie Weasley had no children and never married.
  • Percy and Audrey’s children were named Molly and Lucy.
  • George married Angelina Johnson and their children were named Fred and Roxanne.
  • Luna and Rolf’s children (twins!) were named Lorcan and Lysander.
  • Harry and Ginny’s children’s full names are James Sirius, Albus Severus and Lily Luna Potter.

The documentary will be broadcast in the UK on ITV1 tomorrow (December 30th) at 7pm.

Update! The door on Jo’s Website is open with the tree with additional information on Draco’s family.

  • Draco and Asteria child’s full name is Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.


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  • Sibylle

    Hello !
    I’m French and just so it’s clear, ” Dominique ” is one of those French names which can apply to either a girl or a boy so it’s impossible to know the sex of Bill and Fleur’s child.

  • I had no idea! Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Laura

    She ruined all my ships. All of them. She couldn’t even let Draco/Pansy and Percy/Penelope slip by. *sobs*

  • Does this mean that the Lexicon timeline is one year ahead? Because JKR has specified Dumbledore’s death at 1996 and Fred’s at 1997, which, should have been 1997 and 1998 respectively if the Lexicon’s timeline holds true. In this case, Harry would not have been born in 1980 but 1979, and started his first year in 1990.

    Also, I think Victoire Weasley would have to be born on the second anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts at the earliest to still be going to Hogwarts 19 years later (since her birthday is in May, she would be seventeen and in seventh year, as opposed to eighteen if she’d been born on the FIRST anniversary).

  • P.S. is it any wonder that James Sirius, having inherited BOTH of the names of the main troublemakers of the Marauders, is such a troublemaker all by himself? LOL

  • P.P.S. Did Ginny break the Weasley males only thing? She was the first female Weasley to be born into the clan in several generations, and now we have five or six female Weasleys in Rose and Hugo’s generation.

  • John

    Squee! I thought we were done with Door Openings, and I am quite happy to be proved wrong, this is so unexpected, a late Christmas Present I presume!

  • Raika

    Another bit of new canon we got in this snippet (if I’m hearing the video correctly) is that Ron and Hermione were the godparents for Harry and Ginny’s first son, James Sirius Potter.

    I’m cringing at Fred’s death date being one year off from what you’d expect; but maybe it’s explainable as a math error? If Jo has set it up to think of Years 1 – 7 at Hogwarts being set in 1991 – 1997 for the sake of simplifying calculations and keeping stuff straight, it’d be pretty easy to misspeak and, without giving it a thought, rattle off the date for something that happened in Year 7 as occurring in 1997, even though it would have been in the spring of the following calendar year.

  • Kaz

    Lily Luna Potter??? Poor thing. Three children and not one of them got an original name. Even so Molly and Arthur must be such proud grandparents. (and if this Rolf is calling his kids Lorcan and Lysander, he definitely sounds like the kind of guy old Xeno would approve of…lol.

  • Michelle

    i’m sad for Charlie, that he never got married or had kids

    and i know a LOT of fans speculated that James’ middle name would be Sirius – i mean, it just sort of figures.

    and YAY george/angelina 🙂

  • Michelle

    oh and…now im left to wonder if neville and hannah had any kids…

  • Heh, my thoughts exactly Michelle. the more she tells us the more I want to fill in the rest of the blanks.

    And the date is disturbing; the same thing happened, if you remember with The death date for Dumbledore on her website. Perhaps someone will ask her if she has a rationale for this.

    Good point Raika. I had missed that bit about the godparents.

  • Naco

    the most dissapointing door opening. it only show scorpius middle name, nothing more new!!!

    JKR.com has become more boring than ever. Maybe some JKR fanatics will be happy, but I can’t feel satisfaction with something I saw yesterday on the news.

  • Bandersnatch

    Lisa, it does look like Jo wrote Draco’s wife’s name as AstEria — but in the Leaky interview she most definitely said AstOria. Not sure how to resolve that, unless perhaps her handwritten “o” just looked like an “e” because she was writing it fast.

    The year thing has got to be a math error. Jo says right in DH that James and Lily died in Oct 1981 (it’s on their tombstone).

    Lysander Scamander!?

  • Bandersnatch

    Nah, it’s not a handwriting flub. The fourth and fifth letters in the name of Draco’s wife look just like the “er” in Percy, and nothing like the “or” in George. But TIME magazine also has Astoria with an o, so at the moment Astoria wins 2-to-1.

  • Thanks Bander! Well I guess I will hedge my bets and put both down. eventually. Right now my dog tells me it is walktime!

  • roonwit

    But the “e” isn’t that different from the “o” of Rolf. It is also probable that this sketch is earlier than the other two sources of information, which anyway makes “o” more likely to be the final version.

  • Clock_maker

    Loving the new canon.

  • Clock_maker

    How do we know Lorcan and Lsyander are twins?
    And is Lorcan names after the vampire Lorcan d’Eath??

  • Jo mentioned that Luna would have “twin boys” in the clip, Clock_maker.

  • Patrick

    Another note on Asteria/Astoria:

    In the tree, the T connects pretty fluently with the E. I also heard a hard “o” when I listened to the interview. But the handwritten form is a bit more concrete.

    And since Jo pulls so many names from mythology, look what wikipedia has for Asteria:

    Asteria, The Amazon
    In Greek mythology, Asteria was the sixth Amazon killed by Heracles when he came for Hippolyte’s girdle. The Amazons (of whom Hippolyte was queen) knew that Heracles was invincible but fought him anyway.

    There’s a bunch of other “AstErias” mentioned on the page.


  • Naco

    I also read in the video something like “Georg” and we know it’s “George”, for non mention the death date mistake.

    I though it was AstoooOOOoooria, but there is no myth with it and there are already 3 different greek characters called AsteeeEEEEEeeeria, so… now I doubt it.

    It’s me, or there is something deleted in the video about Audrey, maybe her surname? I wish you keep us informed tomorrow while the show is being shown on tv 🙂

  • Patrick

    Naco, there IS one specific myth I found featuring an Asteria:

    ASTERIA: Daughter of COEUS and PHOEBE, she was the mother of HECATE and another object of ZEUS’s affections.
    He chased her all over the place, until finally she changed into a quail to escape him. ZEUS thought about this and turned himself into a quail too, but ASTERIA cast herself into the sea and turned into an island. ZEUS turned the quail failure around by pursuing her sister LETO instead.


    Yes, it sounds like Astoria, but JKR wrote Asteria. There’s also the possibility that she pronounced the name rather roughly, resulting in the “oria” rather than “eria.”

  • Pat

    Lorcan appears to be an Irish name that when anglisised is spelt as Lawrence it also means ‘little fierce one’. Lysander appears to come from the Greek name ‘Lysandros’ which meant ‘liberator’.

  • Nannette

    Who is Audrey? I have not seen her name anywhere before. She and Percy mnamed their first daughter Molly. I wonder if her mother’s name was Lucy.

  • kamion

    quote from aislingyngyo

    Does this mean that the Lexicon timeline is one year ahead? Because JKR has specified Dumbledore’s death at 1996 and Fred’s at 1997

    I don’t think the Lexicon timeline is out of sync, Jo tagged Draco’s year of birth as 1980 in the Black Family Tree, a piece of work that got a bit more attention and thought then this doodle at the kitchentable.

    I get the inpression that Jo thinks about the schoolyears as:
    1st year 1991, tcak
    2nd year 1992, thcak
    3th year 1993,….. etc
    and not
    1st year 1991-1992
    2nd year 1992-1993
    3th year 1993-1994, etc…..
    remember that tying the story to specific years was not her original intention, the books were to be read as happening in here and now.
    Yeartags became an issue after Nick’s 500th deathdayparty and the fans calculations were honored with the date of birth and death of Lily and James Potter in Godric’s Hollow (DH ch 16)

    oh, point of whine:
    I don’t like the name Hyperion, I hoped that Draco would give the Black-side of his ancestry some credit and honor Regulus as second name for his son, which obvious is his only child.

  • tq kamion. we’ll know more today when the docu is aired.

  • Marco

    1. Who is Audrey? I cannot see any Audrey among the students of Hogwarts in the 90s. Was she just not revealed until now? Or is she a Muggle?

    2. Jo revealed, that the Battle of Hogwarts took place at 2nd May, if anyone had paid attention. It was given May in the book, but there was never any hint, that it was May, 2nd.

    I hope, that you are not considering me as vain now, but I guess, Jo had read our thoughts in the pensieves, where I had written in August, that the showdown must have taken place at the begin of May with regard to the sunrise/sunset/twilight times in the Highlands of Scotland.

  • SGBG

    I find it odd that Scorpius’s middle name is Hyperion, seeing as he was the greek titan of light. Maybe it’s JKR’s way of refering to Draco’s redemption. And his wife’s name, Asteria Greengrass, right? Relation to Daphne Greengrass? Wait, that was a person right? And Asteria makes sense seeing as that and Hyperion are both from greek mythology. So now we have Abraxas, Lucius, Draco and Scorpius; very demonic names, lol

  • hpfan1234578

    I think I know where she got Lysander from (I may be mistaken, but…)
    Lysander is a character in a series written by a British author around the same time as Harry Potter. Jo may have read that series and decided on him that way.

  • Patrick

    Lysander is also a main character in Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She pulled Hermione’s name from a Shakespeare play, so we know she uses them as a plausible source. Maybe that’s where Lysander derived.

  • kamion

    I wonder from which hat she pulled the date of May 2nd? Is there in any of the chapters a clear mentioning of May?
    and “..if one payed attention.” is a prissy arrogant phrase from someone who has trouble getting the years right. Hope it wasn’t ment as a sneer to the Lexicon, whose people spent so much energy constructing a decent and dependable timeline.

  • I’ve just watched the docu, and all that was mentioned about Audrey is that it’s “a very Percy-like-wife’s name”. There was no further explanation/background info.

  • Rox

    and “..if one payed attention.” is a prissy arrogant phrase from someone who has trouble getting the years right.

    no need to be so rude about it. She was joking.

  • christina

    that was really cute!Who’s Rolf anyway?

  • Rolf is the grandson of Newt Scamander, author of “Fantastic Beasts”.

  • SGBG

    Did JKR definitly say that Rolf’s last name was Scamander. It doesn’t have to be afterall. Lysander Scamander…?lol

  • Yes she did, and it was on the original draft of the family tree (the one she was filmed drawing).

  • Marco

    @kamion and rox

    May was clearly mentioned in CH.26 (Gringotts), as HRH had prepared at Shell Cottage to head to London and perform the bankrobbery. But it was never given the exact date in May.

    I have written this already today, JKR might have read the thoughts in the pensieve in this lexicon. Check out the thoughts of “Astronomy essay update” in August, 19th, where I had deducted, that the bankrobbery at Gringotts and the subsequent Battle of Hogwarts must have been at the very begin of May, because later it would not fit with the times of sunrise, sunset and twilight.

  • Is the door closed already? The do not disturb sign is still there for me. Or am I supposed to do something to get it to disappear?

  • roonwit

    If you still see the do not disturb sign you probably have old cached files on your PC or between you and the website. Try an alternate alias of the site such as http://www.jkrowling.org/

  • John

    The Do Not Disturb Sign is back already. This one was rather quick, and there wasn’t any puzzle, I wonder if there will be for the next one.

  • John, There is no “Do not disturb” sign. To my knowledge (Bel???) it hasn’t been on since Book 7 came out. I think you are looking at a cached version. Follow roonwit’s advice (above) and try going to an alternate URL for Jo’s site.

  • If you set the TimeTurner to today’s date, the Do Not Disturb sign will return. Simply use the TimeTurner to go to 29/12/07… that will give you the family tree.

  • Thanks Bel! Whew! I just finished adding the new names to what I *hope* are all the pertinent pages. And yes, Ginny is listed on the Potter family page now. I thought I had done that long ago!

  • roonwit

    The door is still “open” for me, which in light of Bel’s information means that I get the open door by default (ie. for 29/12/07, not today’s date).

  • Lexicon Lisa

    I agree that Jo said the “paying attention” thing with a wink; she knows her fans are obsessive. On the other hand, I read and re-read those chapters and my best guess for a date was late May.

  • Elizabeth

    I love that we finally know more about what happened before the epiloge. I was surprised at the facts that Percy didn’t marry Penelope (who’s Audrey?) and that George married Angelina Johnson (I thought maybe Katie Bell). Draco married Asteria Greengrass, younger sister of Daphne. I guess he wanted to dispose of the Death Eater image and didn’t marry Pansy because of that — plus she was a little annoying.
    I love the names of Luna and Rolf’s boys, Lorcan and Lysander!

  • Elizabeth

    Forgot to add:
    I think that Dominique is a girl.

  • I’m frankly surprised that the high concentration of Weasley males is so easily broken by Ginny. I mean, there are so many females in one generation, as opposed to almost none in the previous generations.

  • roonwit

    aislingyngaio: It could of course be a curse that was somehow broken by Ginny, which would mean that the Weasleys would go back to a normal mixture of male and female children.
    One extra canon point, we know that Victoire was born on 2nd May, though the year is uncertain (2000 is probably most likely though it could be later).

  • @roonwit: and they certainly know how to family-plan now, instead of having the stigma of “having more children than they can afford”. and i’ve mentioned the thing about victoire’s birthyear in my very first post up there (“Also, I think Victoire Weasley would have to be born on the second anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts at the earliest to still be going to Hogwarts 19 years later (since her birthday is in May, she would be seventeen and in seventh year, as opposed to eighteen if she’d been born on the FIRST anniversary).”).

  • roonwit

    Though of course Victoire could have been born later, but as she has a 19 year old boyfriend it is most likely that she is 17 rather than younger.
    As far as money goes, I doubt any of Ginny’s generation of Weasleys are particularly poor. Ginny would have a lot of money from her husband, and as a player in the primary wizard sport probably earned a fair amount herself. Bill probably was well paid from his treasure hunting days, Percy is high up in the Ministry, George and Ron have money from WWW (and the time Ron spent as an Auror was probably well paid as well).

  • I guess the number seven really is magical ^_^

  • RCT

    Hmm, I agree with aislingyngaio in that Jo must have got Victoire’s birth year muddled up. If she’s born in ’99, that means she’s left Hogwarts by the time of the Epilogue.

  • roonwit

    Jo just said “anniversary” not “first anniversary”, so it isn’t a question of Jo getting it wrong, just correct interpretation of what she said.

  • ascatal

    i love it! and it may have been pasny or her family that refused a marriage to draco becauseof the death eater image

  • Or maybe because her blood’s not as pure as the Greengrass family (remember Bellatrix married Rodolphus although she was insanely in love with Voldy, who is the Dark Lord, but still half-blood).

  • roonwit

    I can see Pansy dumping Draco sometime in the HBP year, because I rather doubt Draco spent much time with her. It may also be that Pansy’s family didn’t consider Draco’s pure enough, with an aunt who married a muggle-born and a cousin who married a werewolf.

  • nah. if that were true no one would marry any Blacks, with a muggle supporter and a squib in the family *gasp*

  • Bandersnatch

    “What Muggle supporter? What Squib? How dare you impugn the Noble House of Black! Take a look at this official tapestry on our wall, sir, and see the impeccable purity of our line!”

    There you go. Problem solved. A few burn marks here and there to obliterate the evidence, and the Blacks are marriageable once more.

  • asfnatic

    Wow..I miss so much of the new things on jo’s website…when did we find out that Ginny is a quidditch player? am I interpreting that correctly?

  • Exactly, and wasn’t Andromeda burnt off too? And Voldy said things about pruning branches and keeping the bloodline pure… like Narcissa would ever admit to having Andromeda as a sister…

  • Bandersnatch

    asfnatic, it was revealed during some of the interviews immediately following the release of DH. Ginny played professional Quidditch with the all-female Holyhead Harpies for several years, and then became the senior news correspondent for Quidditch with the Daily Prophet. See the 30 July 2007 Bloomsbury webchat with Jo: http://www.bloomsbury.com/jkrevent/.

  • asfnatic, there have been floods of new canon at just about every event Jo has spoken at. I have a (mostly paraphrased) list of statements for the whole year over at Accio Quote: http://www.accio-quote.org/articles/list2007.html

    Ginny’s post-Hogwarts career was discussed at the Bloomsbury Live Chat on July 30th.

  • Jodie

    Can you please update Ron’s Bio to show he is married to Hermione? As always I have enjoyed this site and was very happy to see new items and updates.

  • Lexicon Lisa

    Jodie, I thought I *had* done that. Ages ago. Apologies to all and thanks for the heads up. I will be posting soon about what I *am* doing on the character pages.

  • Tim

    The only problem I have is the fact that Harry and Ginny both have Black Blood in them. Isn’t that inbreeding?

  • Bandersnatch

    Nah. Even if we assume the Charlus Potter on the Black Family Tree is Harry’s grandfather, that only makes Harry and Ginny third cousins. And if Charlus was instead one of Harry’s great-uncles, then Harry and Ginny apparently share no blood at all.

  • RCT

    “Jo just said “anniversary” not “first anniversary”, so it isn’t a question of Jo getting it wrong, just correct interpretation of what she said.”

    I was just going by what the Lexicon states in the Weasley section, no need to be rude.

  • Jo did say that purebloods are all related to each other in one way or the other, and Harry’s father was the last pure blood of his line (though now that James Sirius have two magical parents and no muggle grandparents, is he (and his siblings) considered pure-blood now?)

  • Beatrice

    I love that Harry used Luna as his daughter’s middle name. She was a good friend & faithful DA member. It’s great to see her acknowledged.

  • Connor Brockmeier

    Draco’s wife’s name must be Astoria.
    My resoning for this is that she clearly does say “AstOria” in the Pottercast, and also that it is printed “AstOria” in the TIME magazine interview she did for the Person of the Year edition.
    I highly suspect that it merely looks like “AstEria” because of her rapid hand.

  • Northerner

    I think it would be a good idea to put up the fact of this update of Jo’s webpage at the timeline for http://www.jkrowling.com

  • Northerner

    I think that the information about the door on Jo’s Website being open should be mentioned in the timeline for that website.

  • blah

    Speaking of Greek names, Hermione was also the name of the only daughter of Helen of Troy. She was only mentioned once or twice……

  • Tegan

    Thank you so much. I have been waiting for this information for a long time. Thanks

  • Tegan

    Thank you. I have been waiting for this for a very long time. Thanks

  • Gina

    In an interveiw JK Rowling said that Luna marrried the grandson of Newt Salamander. Is Rolf that grandson?

  • Isabel

    I always felt Fred was a better fit for Angelina. I mean, he asked her to the Yule Ball! George was sort of for Alicia. In my head anyway. Oh well. For some reason, I’m disappointed 🙁 It’s not my book or anything, but still. “George and Angelina” never occurred to me…

  • 2009

    And why so little became such interesting blogs, thank you!

  • Atia

    Hey! I like the George and Angelina pairing. Just wondering, but isn’t Astoria the name of some type of moon Goddess? Like Selene? Just wondering…

  • I like twilight! I might sit and watch all day long if I didn’t have school..or life to keep me from doing it! lol Wonderful Simply Amazing!