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Fanged Frisbee

"Hold it!" said Hermione, throwing out an arm and halting a passing fourth year, who was attempting to push past her with a lime-green disk clutched tightly in his hand.  "Fanged Frisbees are banned, hand it over," she told him sternly.  The scowling boy handed over the snarling Frisbee, ducked under her arm, and took off after his friends.  Ron waited for him to vanish, then tugged the Frisbee from Hermione's grip.

"Excellent, I've always wanted one of these."


Something like a Muggle Frisbee but snarls; available in lime-green.

  • Added to Filch's list of objects forbidden inside Hogwarts castle at the start of the 1994 - 1995 [Y14 - Y15] school year GF12).
  • Hermione confiscated a Fanged Frisbee from a fourth-year during her sixth year. Ron promptly took it over, saying he had always wanted one (HBP9)


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