"This isn’t the first time [Fudge has] had to answer accusations of anti-Muggle bias within the Ministry," said a member of the Minister’s Gobstones Club. "It’s all getting very embarrassing. After all, he was elected on the slogan 'A fair deal for wizards who deal fair with Muggles.'"
-- from the Daily Prophet after Fudge's nephew caused a Muggle train to disappear


Gobstones Club

A Gobstones Club is an organization devoted to the game of Gobstones. There are many Gobstones Clubs at many different levels of society, from local amateur clubs to the official club organized through the Ministry of Magic.

The Official Gobstones Club headquarters is located on Level Seven of the Ministry of Magic (OP7). Roland Kegg was the President of the English club during the 1990s (FW).

There is a Gobstones Club at Hogwarts (OP17).

Cornelius Fudge belonged to a Gobstones Club (DP2). In 1782, Flavius Belby escaped an attack by a Lethifold by firing off a Patronus Charm using the memory of being elected president of his local Gobstones Club (FB).


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