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Investigative Team

"Did you just butt in on the Investigative Team again?"
-- Abernathy to Tina Goldstein (WFT)

A branch of the Auror service inside MACUSA Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

  • Auror Tina Goldstein served on the Investigative Team. She was removed after confronting Second Salem Church fanatic Mary Lou Barebone, in front of the congregation of No-Majs who had to then be obliviated. Tina was demoted to the Wand Permits Office, but could not resist the urge to keep investigating the Second Salemers, and while stalking Mary Lou Barebone witnessed Newt Scamander using magic at the City Bank in front of No-Maj Jacob Kowalski. When she took Newt in for questioning, Abernathy accused her of interfering.
  •  MACUSA President Serafina Piquery reinstated Tina to her previous position after Newt Scamander helped Tina discover that Auror Percival Graves was the transfigured Gellert Grindelwald, and Credence was the Obscurial who was murdering people in New York City (WFT).


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