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Department of Magical Law Enforcement (MACUSA)

Set up soon after the Salem Witch Trials (1693) by Josiah Jackson, the first President of the Magical Congress of the United States (MACUSA). The first priority was to hire Aurors who could hunt down the Scourers, evil wizards who had turned against their own kind and sold them out to the No-Maj for persecution.

The original dozen Aurors hired by President Jackson are still revered as heroes, as are their descendents:

Wilhelm Fischer
Theodard Fontaine
Gondulphus Graves
Robert Grimsditch
Mary Jauncey
Carlos Lopez
Mungo MacDuff
Cormac O’Brien
Abraham Potter
Berthilde Roche
Helmut Weiss
Charity Wilkinson

  • In the 1920s, the Office was led by Percival Graves, a descendant of Gondulphus Graves (Pm: MACUSA, FB/f, WFT).
  • Genealogists connected original Auror Abraham Potter with the British line of Harry Potter (Pm: MACUSA).


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