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Enchanted Razor

The other packages contained an enchanted razor from Bill and Fleur ("Ah yes, zis will give you ze smoothest shave you will ever 'ave," Monsieur Delacour assured him, "but you must tell it clearly what you want... ozzerwise you might find you 'ave a leetle less hair zan you would like..."), chocolates from the Delacours, and an enormous box of the latest Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes merchandise from Fred and George.


An enchanted razor can produce a very close shave, but it must be given careful instructions.

A razor that is very thorough, but has to be told very clearly what the user wants.

  • Harry was given one for his seventeenth birthday by Bill and Fleur; Fleur's father then cautioned him, saying that otherwise Harry might have less hair than he'd like (DH7).


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