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Re-Visibility Spectacles (Re-Visibility Glasses)

"An Invisibility Charm has been put upon new stadium. Please collect Re-Visibility Spectacles from ticket office or you will not be able to find the pitch." (DP1)

Re-Visibility Spectacles (Re-Visibility Glasses)

Re-Visibility Spectacles (glasses) are required for some match venues in the Quidditch League due to suspicious Muggles. These stadiums are protected by invisibility charms put in place by the Ministry. Spectators going to the match are reminded to collect their Re-Visibility Spectacles from the ticket office in order to be able to find the stadium and pitch (DP1).

In a subsequent match between the Falmouth Falcons and Pride of Portree at Exmoor Stadium, fans and spectators were angered at the faulty Re-Visibility glasses that were included in their free programmes. Even if able to find the stadium and pitch, some of the wizards attending were unable to find their seats or see the match as it was being played (DP2).



The Daily Prophet article about the anger and confusion at the 'invisible' Quidditch match was entitled "Chaos Reigns on Exmoor for Falcons & Pride of Portree" (DP2).

Although the dates printed on the Daily Prophet Newsletters are:

  • DP1: 31 July 1998 and
  • DP2: 8 February 1999,

the timeframe for these events is 1992-1993.

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