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Perkins’ Old Tent

"I borrowed this from Perkins at the office. Doesn't camp much anymore, poor fellow, he's got lumbago."
-- Arthur Weasley (GF7)

Perkins’ Old Tent

Appearing to be small and shabby on the outside, Perkins’ old tent was a roomy “old-fashioned three-room flat” on the inside, complete with bunk beds, a kitchen, and a bathroom (GF7).

  • Perkins, an elderly "stooped" Wizard with "fluffy-white hair," worked with Arthur Weasley in the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office at the Ministry of Magic (CS3, OP7).
  • The tent was expanded on the inside with an Undetectable Extension Charm ("Capacius extremis"), which creates "wizard space": objects are much larger inside than they appear outside, and the contents are lighter - which is why the Weasleys were able to carry Perkins' tent easily although it contained furniture and a bathroom (Pm).
  • The Ministry has strict rules about misuse of Extension Charms, but family tents and school trunks are considered valid uses (Pm). Mr. Weasley with his enlarged Ford Anglia and Hermione with her large capacity handbag were breaking the law, but no charges were ever filed (Pm).
  • The inside of the tent seemed strangely familiar to Harry, reminding him of Mrs. Figg's house: "There were crocheted covers on the mismatched chairs and a strong smell of cats" (GF7).
  • The tent in the book foreshadows the Fake Moody's "Seven Lock Trunk" where the real Moody is hidden (GF35)
  • Ghostly Professor Binns once called Harry "Perkins," perhaps confusing him with the man from an earlier generation (OP17).



In the Goblet of Fire movie, when Harry enters Perkin's tent and sees how big it is, he exclaims (rather cheesily) "I love magic!" (GF/f)


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