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Mokeskin Pouch

A small, slightly furry pouch worn round the neck for holding possessions, made from the skin of the moke.  Items stored in a mokeskin pouch can only be retrieved by the owner.

  • Hagrid gave the mokeskin pouch to Harry on his seventeenth birthday, telling him it was "rare" (DH7).
  • The pouch seemed to expand as objects were added, similar to Hermione's beaded handbag on which an Undetectable Extension Charm for more wizard space had been placed.
  • Inside Harry packed his "prized possessions" -- the Marauder's Map, a piece of the broken magical mirror given to him by Sirius Black, and the R.A.B.'s fake Horcrux locket from the sea cave (DH7).
  • Later, Harry added the Golden Snitch left to him in Dumbledore's will, his mother's letter to Sirius and torn photograph of James he found at Grimmauld Place, the real Horcrux locket of Salazar Slytherin, and his broken holly wand (DH10, DH14, DH18).
  • Scrimgeour had a similar but larger pouch in which he carried Dumbledore's Will and the objects bequeathed to the children (DH7).
  • Mokeskin is often used for thief-proof money pouches (FB)



The description of the "scaly" material used for a mokeskin pouch given by Newt Scamander in his book differs from the actual pouch given to Harry, which was described as "slightly furry":

Moke skin is highly prized among wizards for use as moneybags and purses, as the scaly material will contract at the approach of a stranger, just as its owner did; Moke-skin moneybags are therefore very difficult for thieves to locate.
-- Newt Scamander (FB)

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