A small magical object that looks like a cigarette lighter. When clicked, the Put-outer (or the Deluminator) sucks all light from a place. When reversed with another click, balls of light fly back out of the Deluminator and restores the light or lights that were extinguished. It also has other powers, but that is the most obvious (see below for details).

  • According to Rufus Scrimgeour, the Deluminator was designed by Albus Dumbledore and is both valuable and rare, possibly even unique (DH7).
  • Dumbledore used his Deluminator to darken Privet Drive on the night Harry was brought to live with the Dursleys (PS1).
  • Mad-Eye Moody used the Deluminator to darken Grimmauld Place (OP3).
  • Albus Dumbledore left the Deluminator to Ron "in the hope that he will remember me when he uses it" (DH7).
  • Ron, who wanted to return to Harry and Hermione but could not find them, heard Hermione's voice coming from the Deluminator on Christmas morning - the first time either she or had Harry had spoken his name since his departure. When Ron then clicked the Deluminator, in addition to putting out the lights it made a ball of pulsing bluish light appear outside his window, resembling the light from a Portkey. When the ball of light floated into him - it was hot - it gave him the knowledge he needed to Apparate to their location. It did so again when he failed to make contact and activated it again (DH19).


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