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Newt Scamander’s case

Newt Scamander’s case

A suitcase of brown leather with a careworn appearance and one latch that suddenly flips open now and then. Newt Scamander brought it with him on a trip to New York in 1926 filled with a menagerie of magical creatures inhabiting the wizard space inside (WFT).  Newt’s case became switched with a similar one owned by Jacob Kowalski, a No-Maj, who has his own packed with pastries.

Inside the case Newt kept the following:


  • There was a brass dial on the side of the case that can change to "MUGGLEWORTHY" so the No-Maj Customs officials would only see ordinary travel objects such as maps, a journal, clothing, an alarm clock, a magnifying glass, and a scarf with Hufflepuff colors from Newt's House at Hogwarts (WFT).
  • Inside the magical part of the case is a wooden shed that served as a "workstation" for Newt with a desk and an antique typewriter, vials of potions and andtidotes, and on the walls are maps and moving photographs (WFT).
  • Each fantastic beast had it's own habitat inside the case, including an Arizona desert space for the Thunderbird, an Occamy nest, a bamboo thicket for the Bowtruckles, and rocky cliffs for the Nundu and Mooncalves. Newt, Jacob, Queenie, and Tina were able to go inside the case to feed and observe the creatures (WFT).


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