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Queenie Goldstein

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The Harry Potter Canon

"Aw, don’t worry, honey. Most guys think what you was thinking, first time they see me."
-- Queenie Goldstein (WFT)

Queenie Goldstein

Queenie Goldstein is the beautiful younger sister of Porpentina “Tina” Goldstein (JKR:Tw).

The two shared an apartment in New York City in the 1920s (WFT).

Both Queenie and her sister attended Ilvermorny School for Witches and Wizards, though they were in different houses (Queenie was in Pukwudgie while Tina was in Thunderbird). Their parents died from Dragon Pox.

She worked at MACUSA as an unglamorous  secretary, making coffee and “unjinxing” the bathrooms (WFT). But Queenie’s real gift was the ability to read minds with little effort, making her a gifted Legilimens.

Queenie had an instant connection with No-Maj Jacob Kowalski, who visited her apartment with Newt Scamander after he was bitten by a Murtlap. He liked her cooking, especially the magical apple strudel since he was a baker himself, and found it fascinating that she could read his thoughts with Legilimency. Jacob was the first No-Maj Queenie ever met due to Rappaport’s Law separating witches and wizards from ordinary humans.

In spite of the danger in their friendship, Queenie and Jacob had a sweet romance in the middle of an Obscurial attack on New York City which ended with Jacob being Obliviated with Swooping Evil venom. However, after Jacob opened his bakery, Queenie paid him a visit, perhaps in the hopes that they could strike up a relationship once again.


Queenie is a Legilimens with the ability to read people's thoughts. She enjoys cooking and can conjure up an amazing meal.

Other canon notes and references

@MaddieDUHx Queenie's younger.
— J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) June 4, 2015










"Tina is very soulful. She has a lot of heart and strength and courage."
-- Katherine Waterston ("Tina Goldstein")

"So you have two sisters who have raised each other and who have a very deep bond."
-- Alison Sudol ("Queenie Goldstein")

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