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"Six shots of gigglewater and a lobe blaster, please."
-- Queenie Goldstein (WFT)


1920s North American slang for alcoholic beverages. The magical variety actually causes the drinker to giggle.


  • Newt, Tina, Queenie, and Jacob order shots of Gigglewater when they visit the Blind Pig, a speakeasy in 1926 New York catering to the Wizarding world crowd. (WFT).
  • This term was used by then-president Seraphina in her famous retort to those who criticized MACUSA's stance on Prohibition, that the magical community could continue to drink alcohol:"... President Picquery was heard to say that being a wizard in America was already hard enough. 'The Gigglewater,' as she famously told her Chief of Staff, 'is non-negotiable.' (Pm)




U.S. slang c.1920s: giggle = "a light, silly laugh" + water

This is similar to the construction "gillywater," an alcoholic beverage served in the Three Broomsticks. Gilly comes from "gillyflower" = any of several species of fragrant small flowers often carried or displayed in a small bunch.

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