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Ship taken by the witch Gormlaith to cross the Atlantic in search of her niece Isolt, founder of Ilvermorny School of Wizardry (Pm).

  • Gormlaith sailed disguised as a man under the name William Sayre, the name of the brother-in-law she murdered, father of her niece Isolt Sayre who founded Ilvermorny (Pm). Her goal in traveling to North America was to take revenge on Isolt, who had not only stolen Gormlaith's wand, but married a Muggle, which offended her pure-blood values.



Name of a real English Ship, The Merchant Bonaventure, which sailed to Virginia in 1635.


The name "Willm Sayer age 58" is found on the actual Passenger List of the Merchant Bonaventure.

An earlier famous ship known as the The Elizabeth Bonaventure, a flagship of the British fleet led by Sir Francis Drake, took part in battles against the Spanish Armada in 1587 and 1588.

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