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The Attack on Ilvermorny

The Irish witch Gormlaith Gaunt attacked Ilvermorny School to take revenge on her niece, Isolt Sayre, who had stolen the Basilisk family heirloom wand once belonging to Salazar Slytherin from Gormlaith and fled to America. The witch was also furious that Isolt married James Steward, a No-Maj, and was running a school which allowed anyone magical to enter, even those who were not pure-bloods (Pm).

Creeping up to the large granite building on Mount Greylock while the family slept, Gormlaith cast a Curse of Enchanted Slumber on Isolt and her husband, then used Parseltongue to put Slytherin’s Basilisk horn wand core to sleep. What she didn’t know was that Isolt had adopted the Boot brothers, now teenagers, and their wands had twin cores of River Serpent horn, which responded to Gormlaith’s Parseltongue by sounding a “low musical note” of warning.¬† Unable to waken their parents, both Boot brothers dueled Gormlaith outside the school while she questioned them on their pure-blood credentials and cursed them (Pm).

Eventually the fight between Gormlaith and the boys entered the walls of the school, shattering walls and windows. James and Isolt continued to sleep, but as their twin baby daughters heard the commotion and started to cry, love for their children broke Gormlaith’s Slumber Curse, awakening the parents. James rushed to the children, while Isolt grabbed Slytherin’s wand before realizing it was in a state of wand sleep and therefore useless. Gormlaith chased the entire family to the door of the nursery intending to corner and kill them, and all might have been lost except that Isolt cried out the name of her dead father William, which alerted her nearby Pukwudgie friend William who thought he was being summoned. The creature jumped on the windowsill and shot Gormlaith through the heart with a poison arrow to defend Isolt. The wicked witch shrieked and turned into a pile of smoking dust (Pm).

For saving the family, William and his family of Pukwudgies moved into the school and helped the family rebuild. Slytherin’s wand was buried, from which grew a large Snakewood Tree (Pm).


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