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Horned Serpent Horn

"Some protective instinct told Isolt to save the Horned Serpent cores only for her two adoptive sons."
-- J.K. Rowling, "Ilvermorny" (Pm)

Used as wand cores by wandmaker James Steward and his wife Isolt Sayre of Ilvermorny Wizarding School for their adopted sons, Chadwick and Webster Boot (Pm).

  • When Chadwick Boot was about to turn eleven, his adopted mother Isolt Sayre dreamed that a Horned Serpent rose from a nearby creek and let her take a "long shard" from one of its horns. When she awakened and went to the creek, the creature obliged. Isolt decided that only her two sons would have wandcores of this type (Pm).
  • Isolt's aunt, Gormlaith Gaunt, arrived some years later and attacked Ilvermorny. She cursed Isolt and James into an enchanted sleep, then used a Parseltongue word to put the Basilisk horn in Isolt's wand to sleep. However, the same word was "heard" by the River Serpent cores in the wands of the boys, and began to sound a "low musical note" which alerted the Boot brothers to danger. They were able to use their powerful wands with their twin cores to hold back Gormlaith until Isolt and James were wakened from cursed sleep by the crying of their twin baby daughters through the power of love (Pm).


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