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Black Walnut

"...black walnut seeks a master of good instincts and powerful insight."
-- Mr. Ollivander (Pm)

A wand wood (Pm).

  • Black walnut wands have "a particular flair in all types of charmwork" (Pm).
  • According to Ollivander, this type of wand has a "pronounced quirk" of judging inner conflict, and wizards who deceive themselves or others will not be successful with black walnut (Pm)



The husk of the black walnut tree fruit was used by early settlers in North America to dye cloth a dark brown, and can even be used as ink.  The roots of the tree emit "juglones" which prohibit growth of other plants, so it's not a good idea to make a garden near a black walnut tree. Not to mention the fact that the green nut pods that ripen in autumn are baseball-sized and will crush anything they fall upon. source: Wikipedia

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