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"An 'air from ze 'ead of a veela....One of my grandmuzzer's."
-- Fleur Delacour on her rosewood wand core

Rosewood is a type of wood used to make wands (GF18).

  • Fleur Delacour had a rosewood wand, 91/2 inches, inflexible, with a veela hair from her grandmother. It created pink and gold sparks when twirled (GF18).
  • Mr. Ollivander said he never used veela hair because it makes the wand too "temperamental." He tested Fleur's wand for the Triwizard Tournament by using the spell "Orchideous" to make flowers sprout from the tip (GF18).



Rosewood is mainly derived from trees in the genus Dahlbergia, found in Brazil, India, southeast Asia, and Madagascar. All have a sweet flowery scent that lingers for years in the wood. (Wikipedia)

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