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Chinese Chomping Cabbage

"I expect to see a great deal more effort for this weeks essay on the various varieties of venom antidotes, or I shall have to start handing out detentions to those dunces who get a 'D.'"
-- Severus Snape (OP15)

A magical type of cabbage used in antidotes.

  • Hermione studied a diagram of this when the fifth years were researching potion ingredients in the library for Snape (OP16)
  • The diagram of the Chinese Chomping Cabbage is found in the Hogwarts Library book called Asiatic Anti-Venoms, so it must be used in some type of antidote.

Potions Connection

The Chinese Chomping Cabbage was researched for Potions class in a book on anti-venoms.



Possibly inspired by "Chinese white cabbage," another name for bok choy.

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