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Frozen Ashwinder Eggs

"Frozen Ashwinder egg!"
-- Newt Scamander to Gnarlak the Goblin (WFT)

Frozen Ashwinder Eggs

Quite valuable, as they can serve as ingredients in love potions or may be eaten whole as a cure for ague. These uses are quite appropriate as Ashwinder eggs are so flammable that they will ignite a dwelling within minutes if they are not frozen as soon as possible .

  • Have a ruby red glow even when frozen (WFT)
  • In 1926 New York at The Blind Pig speakeasy, Newt Scamander offered a frozen Ashwinder egg to Gnarlak the Goblin in exchange for information, but he spied Newt's Bowtruckle Pickett and expressed an interest in him for his lock-picking skill instead (WFT).


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