"Add powdered moonstone, stir three times counter-clockwise, allow to simmer for seven minutes then add two drops of syrup of hellebore."
-- Instructions for the Draught of Peace on Snape's blackboard (OP12)


Hellebore is a mundane flowering plant used in some potions.

  • A potion ingredient in the form of a syrup, two drops of which are used in the making of the Draught of Peace (OP12).
  • Hellebore was the ingredient which Harry forgot to put in his Draught of Peace.
  • According to Snape, often included on the O.W.L. exams (OP12)

Potions Connection

Important ingredient in the Draught of Peace



Greek 'elein' (to injure) and 'bora' (food)


There are several kinds of hellebore. The name comes from the Greek words 'elein' (to injure) and 'bora' (food), indicating that hellebore is poisonous. In some belief systems, it's been believed to be a purgative, sometimes of bad things generally, used for things like protecting livestock from evil spells, and (in powdered form) for invisibility.
According to herb lore, the roots of the hellebore plant are are used to treat melancholy diseases and madness.

The original  name for Hellebore was " Melampodium." According to the Greek historian Pliny, the plant was named for the soothsayer Melampus who used it to cure depression in ancient times. On a happier note and in spite of poisonous nature of the plant, it is often called the "Christmas Rose" or "Christ herbe" because it blooms in winter. source: Botanical.com

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