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Scarab Beetles

Crushed, these are used in Wit-Sharpening Potion.

  • After Snape read aloud from a Rita Skeeter article about a love triangle between Harry, Hermione and Viktor Krum, Harry smashed his scarab beetles to powder while imagining each one had Snape's face (GF27)

Scarab beetles were worshiped in ancient Egypt, and often depicted in art and jewelry. The tiny beetles rolling balls of dung across the desert were viewed by Egyptians as symbolic of the god Ra rolling the sun across the sky. Often the hearts of mummies were replaced with scarab amulets carved from green stone. source: Wikipedia

Potions Connection

Ingredient in the Wit-Sharpening Potion.



The author seems to be having some fun with beetles in Goblet of Fire. While Harry imagined Snape as a scarab beetle, the article Snape read about Harry's love triangle was written by Rita Skeeter, who turned out to be a beetle Animagus. She was flying around bugging everybody until Hermione put her inside a jar.


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