"Urtica Dioica, the stinging nettle. Useful in potions, delicious in soups, and said to give you glosssy hair. I wouldn't know, or care."
-- Zygmunt Budge (BoP)


Nettles are a mundane stinging plant used in boil-cure potion and other remedies. They were also gathered in Queerditch Marsh for nettle tea (QA3)


  • On Harry's first day in Potions class the class had to weigh dried nettles for the Boil Cure Potion (PS8).
  • Nettle wine was one of the bottles in Snape's Potion Riddle to keep students away from the Philosopher's Stone (PS16)
  • Nettles were found in the Forbidden Forest where Grawp lived (OP30).
  • Nettles grew all around the Gaunt House (HBP10).
  • Nettles are found growing under the gate to the Dumbledore House in Godric's Hollow where James and Lily Potter lost their lives to Voldemort (DH16).
  • Nettles are food for Glumbumbles (FB).
  • According to legendary Potioneer Zygmunt Budge, nettles make a "fine soup," can be used to make hair glossy, and are also used for wound care. (BoP).
  • The stinging spines are the reason for the nettle's alternate name: "burn hazel" (BoP).

Potions Connection

Nettles are used in the Boil Cure Potion and Herbicide.


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