Ministry of Magic and the Wizard's Council

Tiberius Ogden

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The Harry Potter Canon

Wizengamot elder who (along with Griselda Marchbanks) resigned in protest when Fudge appointed Dolores Umbridge as the first Hogwarts High Inquisitor (OP15); friend of Professor Tofty of the Wizarding Examinations Authority (OP31).

Tiberius Ogden
Gender Male
Affiliations Wizengamot
First Introduced HBP7



Possibly related to Bob Ogden or whomever is behind Ogden's Firewhiskey. -BB

It is possible that Cormac McLaggen's 'Uncle Tiberius' (a favorite of Horace Slughorn) is Tiberius Ogden, especially since both hold a high office in the Ministry of Magic (HBP7).

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