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Gaunt house

Gaunt house

Located in the woods just outside Little Hangleton, the Gaunt House was home to Marvolo Gaunt and his two children, Morfin and Merope. The last remaining descendants of Salazar Slytherin, they lived there in poverty, speaking Parseltongue to each other and living in deplorable conditions (HBP10).

Eventually, after the Gaunts had all died and the house was left deserted, Voldemort concealed one of his Horcruxes – Marvolo’s ring – in the ruins of the house. It remained until Dumbledore returned to the site, recovered the Horcrux, and destroyed it (HBP23).

Though Voldemort did not return to the house for many years, he did fly back once more when he discovered that Harry had stolen another of his Horcruxes. He soon discovered that the ring was gone and quickly took off in search of the others. Harry saw this happen through Voldemort’s eyes, prompting him to hurry his search for the final Horcrux, at Hogwarts (DH29).


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