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Little Hangleton

Little Hangleton

Little Hangleton is a small village located somewhere in Yorkshire or Lancashire. A town of massive importance to recent wizarding history and yet unknown to most modern wizards, Little Hangleton is found about six miles from its neighbor, Great Hangleton, and is the location of the Riddle House, where Tom Marvolo Riddle killed his father, Tom Riddle, and his grandparents in the summer of 1943 (HBP10). It is also the location of the graveyard where Voldemort regained his body in 1995 (GF32).

Nearby, in a copse on the hillside, was the Gaunt House, wherein lived the Gaunt family, the last remaining descendants of Salazar Slytherin (HBP10).

Locations in Little Hangleton:

  • the Gaunt House
  • graveyard
  • the Hanged Man
  • the Riddle House

Known inhabitants of Little Hangleton fifty years ago (c. 1940):

  • Frank Bryce – the Riddles’ gardener
  • Cecilia (Tom Riddle’s female companion on a summer afternoon).
  • Dot
  • Marvolo Gaunt and his children Morfin and Merope
  • Mr. and Mrs. Riddle, wealthy landowners, and their son Tom (father of Voldemort)
  • landlord of the Hanged Man
  • the Riddles’ cook
  • the Riddles’ maid



There is an actual place called Hangleton, in a place called Hove, near Brighton on the East Sussex coast. It's located far too near to Privet Drive to be the "real" Hangleton, however (thanks to Greg McAusland on the Lexicon Forum for this information).

When Harry wakes up with his scar hurting after seeing Voldemort murder Frank Bryce, the text reads:

Two hundred miles away, the boy called Harry Potter woke with a start (GF1).

Harry is in Little Whinging at this moment so we can assume that Little Hangleton is 200 miles from Surrey. That places the town somewhere in Yorkshire or Lancashire or possibly in the far west of Cornwall.

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