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Caretaker’s cottage

Frank Bryce, caretaker of the Riddle House, lived in a run-down cottage on the property (GF1).

  • Bryce had a bad leg from World War II and wanted to be left alone by the other villagers of Little Hangleton (GF1). But when the three members of the Riddle family dropped dead one night, he became the main suspect, and everyone in town thought he was "odd" anyway. Yet when the medical report came out, there was no clear cause of death and nothing to connect Frank to the murders, which were actually perpetrated by young Tom Marvolo Riddle (HBP17, GF32).
  • When Voldemort returned to the Riddle House with Wormtail, Bryce saw a light on from the cottage kitchen window while filling his teakettle. He thought boys had broken into the house and went to investigate, where he met his death from the Killing Curse (GF1).


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