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Boil Cure Potion

"Idiot boy! ... I suppose you added the porcupine quills before taking the cauldron off the fire?"
-- Severus Snape after Neville melted a cauldron, burned everyone's shoes, and covered himself in boils (PS8)

Boil Cure Potion

The Boil Cure Potion is a simple potion to cure boils.


Pottermore Version - From Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger

  • dried nettles
  • crushed snake fangs
  • stewed horned slugs
  • porcupine quills (added after taking the cauldron off the fire)

Additions in Book of Potions Version - Zygmunt Budge version

  • Pungous Onion
  • Flobberworm Mucous
  • Ginger Root
  • Pickled Shrake Spines




There are several versions of this potion, including  Pottermore and the Book of Potions, as well as the two video games "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," and "Harry Potter for Kinect."

Pottermore Version - from Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger

Crush 6 snake fangs in the mortar
Add 4 measures of the snake fangs to your cauldron
Heat to a high temperature for 10 seconds
Wave your wand.
Allow to brew for 45 minutes.
Put 4 horned slugs in the cauldron.
Add 2 porcupine quills to the cauldron.
Stir 5 times clockwise.
Wave your wand to finish.

Book of Potions Version

Put crushed snake fangs in cauldron.
Chop pungous onion and put in the cauldron.
Add dried nettles.
Add a dash of Flobberworm Mucous and stir.
Sprinkle with Ginger Root and stir.
Add the pickled Shrake Spines, and stir gently.
Add "a glug of stewed horned slugs."
Add porcupine quills.
Wave wand over cauldron to finish.

References from the canon

  • Taught to first-years in their first Potions class with Snape (PS8)
  • If the porcupine quills are added before the cauldron is taken off the fire, the mixture produces clouds of acid green smoke and a loud hissing, melts the cauldron, and burns holes in people's shoes. This happened to Neville, who was splashed by it and sprouted angry red boils (PS8)
  • The Book of Potions describes the potion as "being an effective remedie against postules, hives, boils and many other scrofulous conditions." If not brewed correctly, it may cause boils instead of cure them (BoP).



Inconsistency: the Pottermore instructions for this potion do not include the advice to remove the cauldron from the fire before adding the porcupine quills, as Snape insists in the book.  Actually there was no way to remove the cauldron from the fire on Pottermore.

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