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Lady’s Mantle

Lady’s Mantle

Lady’s mantle is a mundane plant with a yellow flower used in potion making.

  • Used in making Beautification or Beautifying Potion (Pm, BoP)



spelled "Lady's" instead of "ladies" - refers to the Virgin Mary as the Lady - and mantle = cloak


The plant is called Lady's Mantle because the scalloped edges of the leaves reminded people of a woman's hooded cloak, such as that worn in paintings of the Virgin Mary. It has the magical Latin name "Alchemilla" which means "Alchemy," the science of creating the Philosopher's Stone and gaining eternal life. So the ancients felt this flower bestowed blessings and good health, and even gathered morning dew drops from the leaves to mix in potions*.  In Medieval times it was called Leontopodium or Lion's Foot, probably from its spreading root-leaves, and this has become in modern French, Pied-de-lion. Source:

*Morning dew is another ingredient in the Beautification Potion.

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