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Salamander Parts

Salamander Parts

Salamander blood is used in Strengthening Solution.

  • According to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a salamander is a fire-dwelling lizard whose value as a potion ingredient is "curative and restorative properties" (FB).
  • Hagrid cares for a couple of salamanders with "scale-rot." Since they love heat, the cure is to rub chili powder on them (OP25). Hagrid also likes to build a bonfire for the fire-loving salamanders to scamper around in (PA12).
  • Ron helped Hagrid shell salamander eggs to feed to the Blast-Ended Skrewts (GF22).
  • Harry is so intent on listening to Umbridge talk to Snape that he absent-mindedly tries to add pomegranate juice instead of salamander blood to his Strengthening Solution (OP17).



Salamanders are a diverse family of amphibians with a lizard-like appearance. Some have brightly colored spots to alert predators to their poisonous skin, while others have poisonous spines. Folklore says that dunking a salamander in brandy makes a healthy drink, which has not been proven. The real magic of a salamander is the ability to regrow their lost tails and  limbs, which is being studied by scientists in hope of helping humans.

Violet-colored salamander

Violet-Colored Salamander

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