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A small, brilliant white, fire-dwelling lizard that feeds on flame, although it can survive up to six hours outside a fire if regularly fed pepper. A salamander lives only as long as the fire from which it sprang, scampering along burning logs and among the coals, and its colour appears blue or scarlet depending on the heat of the fire in which it appeared. Salamander blood has powerful curative and restorative properties (FB, CS8).

Fred and George once fed fireworks to one just to see what would happen; it was orange (CS8). Hagrid once provided a bonfire full of them for his third year Care of Magical Creatures class (PA12).



While there is a real lizard called a salamander, a popular mythology of ancient times was that salamanders were born of, or relating to, flame. This concept may come from the salamander's tendency to reside in logs. When the logs were set on fire, the salamanders would scramble out, leading to the idea that they were born amidst the flames.


The name Newt Scamander may derive from the word salamander.

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