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"Alihotsy must be finely chopped for the Laughing Potion. ...Add two handfuls to the cauldron to give the potion just a tinge of rambunctiousness. Now stir slowly - we must not damage the leaf's mirth-inducing properties. Soon our potion will be fit to make a Glumbumble giggle."
-- Zygmunt Budge (BoP)

Eating the leaves of this shrub causes hysteria.

  • The cure for Alihotsy hysteria is a melancholy-inducing syrup from the Glumbumble (FB).
  • Used in the Laughing Potion, but stirring too fast can ruin the "mirthful properties" of the leaves according to Zygmunt Budge, Potioneer (BoP)

"Alihotsy" is connected to the word "Alohomora," and the root of both means "lightness of spirit." Both are connected to a type of geomancy or divination used in Madagascar called Sikidi or Sikidy (SDNY).




"Alihotsy" from Sikidy = "gain, lightness of being" (c.f. SDNY)

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