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Beautifying Potion / Beautification Potion

"As even my own mother used to refer to me as 'Fungus-face', it became clear that my Beautification Potion had been a success."
-- Zygmunt Budge (BoP)

Beautifying Potion / Beautification Potion

Beautifying and Beautification Potions make the drinker more lovely in appearance.


From Pottermore:

  • Fairy wings
  • Morning dew
  • Rose petals
  • Lady's mantle
  • Unicorn Tail Hair
  • Ginger roots


Pottermore Version:

Put 3 pairs of Fairy Wings mortar and grind with pestle
Add 6 measures of ground Fairy Wings to the cauldron
Stir 3 times, clockwise
Add 5 measures of Morning Dew to the cauldron
Stir 10 times, anti-clockwise
Heat to a high heat for 15 seconds
Wave your wand
Leave to brew
(after brewing is complete) Wave your wand

Find a single fresh rose. Pluck seven petals and add to cauldron.
Chop the dried Lady's mantle and add to cauldron, then stir.
Add a lock of unicorn hair and stir vigorously.
Add powdered ginger root and then heat.
Wave your wand over the cauldron to finish the potion.

References from the canon

  • Sacharissa Tugwood was an expert at these potions, pioneering their creation and use (FW)
  • The famous hag Malodora Grymm, using a beautification potion to conceal her true form (FW).


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